Great Tips To Looking For The Leading SEO Company


If you want to hire an SEO company to help your business thrive you are making a very smart decision. Search engine optimization is one of the blessings in empire of today’s marketing most effective marketing strategies used by businesses today. The idea of obtaining traffic for your website through search engines is a strategy that can be very successful if you have the right marketing experts to help you.

seoA leading SEO company always plays a vital role in helping the business owners to optimise their websites. They offer a great investment, and you do not have to worry about the cost, since you are likely to recover the money and get much more. Today, a large number of providers are available in the market that offer the professional SEO services Australia for all small and large scale businesses, so it is advisable to look for the right firm that can improve your business sales by optimising your website.

Below are some valuable tips that will help you to find the right SEO Company.

Organic ranking

Always try to choose an SEO provider who will ensure you the highest ranking in leading organic search engines for your website. The best SEO professionals have a strong presence in the organic listing as well as they are well known about the effective SEO process. They have both the expertise and experience in the internet markets They also understand how to utilise their efforts and the latest techniques to generate the huge traffic on their sites.

Deal with a real company

It is always worthwhile to consider the  that has a physical street address. You should visit their premises; if possible, so that you make sure you are not dealing with an operator who works from a car. A real company always has a verifiable address, as well as a landline phone number that is manned during regular business hours. These two factors provide a clear indication that the SEO provider exists over the long haul as well as offering you the extra peace of mind that you hire the right one.

Proven track record

The significance of hiring a company that has a verified record of achievements cannot be flashy. The profession SEO companies are able to offer evidence of live results derived from real campaigns. So, it is important that you should ask them to check out their previous achievements or records to know about the strategies or techniques of their working, before choosing the best one.


Social Media Vs SEO: Is There a Best Choice in Tight Budget?


With the extensive technological development, several different methods of marketing are coming in today’s marketplace to promote your business website. But, SEO and social media marketing are still considered the most popular marketing tools in current days. Both are essential to boost your business in the relevant industry. SEO helps you to achieve the highest rank on online search engine, while social imagesmedia campaign ensures you to attract and generate a wide audience to advertise your products and services. But now the question is that, if you are facing a tight budget situation and considering the options of investing in SEO or hiring an expert to manage your social media web pages, then which one is more beneficial for you.

With the extensive technological development, several different methods of marketing are coming.

Here we define some significant benefits of SEO and Social Media that will help you to choose the best one for the promotion of your business.

SEO Benefits for your business

Convenient for all Businesses: if you are running a business providing services, more people will find for you online. Well, if you are in need of a plumber, exterminator or a yoga instructor on a local level, you may have done the same thing. People do not like to find these services on SMM; they search online to find the best solution. By using SEO, they will search you first.

Cost Effective: if you want that people will search more for your services, SEO is the best option for you, because it is a very cost effective marketing strategy to help people to find you easier as compared to finding for new leads on your own. SEO optimizes your website, so it is easy to search and find information about your business.

Buy Your Way to the top: Top search results not only build your presence in a niche, but also improve name recognition. If you cannot get the top results in your industry with SEO alone, you can move towards Google Ad-words. You can easily customize your ads to highlight your keywords, when you have existence in search results.

Social Media Benefits For Your Business

More Likes: if you are providing your product to buy, manage some famous social media pages where people can like and share your product with their friends via social platform. One like means you get the access to friends and friends of friends. When people observe that their friends like the same brand of service or product, they are more likely to buy them.

Improve Customer Service: when you start to use social platforms, you get the feedback through the comments. It includes both negative and positive comments. So when negative comments or bad reviews are posted, it is the best option for you to tackle these challenges. By hiring a dedicated social media manager, you can make your presence interactive on social media which attracts more people towards your website.

Best choice to share your content: if you want to distribute or share your content, the use of social media should be on the priority of your marketing plan. By posing quality and innovative content, you can generate the significant traffic to your website as well as improving the visibility of your products or services.

How can you choose them?

SEO and Social media both have excellent features that will help you to boost your business efficiency. But which one is better for your business? Both these marketing strategies can work together to achieve the best results. But if you have limited budget and choose one of the, consider first what you are selling.

If you are selling a product which lies in the category of an impulse purchase, you may better to choose with social media, because people like to share and buy your product in it. On the other side, if you offer a technical product (considered purchase), people more likely to find for you online, so in this case SEO are a great option for you.

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Google AdSense Ads Hijacking Web Sites


A number of complaints have been recorded from Google AdSense publishers or rogue Google AdSense ads virtually they are hacking their users via weird java script  redirected, powered by Google AdSense Ads

There are a lot of complaints but the largest thread was at Google Adsense Help forum. From there the user were taken directly from the publishers and redirected to the

At site there is no Malware or Hacking found, it was actually the add push through by Google AdSense server that enabled the Hijacking.

Here is a picture documented by this publisher:


Google reportedly told the publisher:

Thanks for sending us this information. I’ve forwarded it to the AdWords malvertising team for their ongoing investigation. At this point, the redirect issue is known and our engineers are currently working on a fix as we speak. It appears to be one source that is changing destination URLs. Hopefully a permanent fix should be delivered today or ASAP.

We are a major in MARKETING with a background in SEO Specialist Company. Our aim is to helping people understand the basics of search engine and also helps in making their life easy to understand the updates and working method of Google.

Google Webmaster Tools Messaging Update Coming


On yesterday the Google John Mueller said: the Google Webmaster Tool Team is working on updating of both the text as well as the layouts of the messages sent to the Webmaster through Google webmaster tools. Some complaints were also found in this regard saying that certain messages were not clear.

John said this at 55 minutes and 17 seconds into the hangout:

We’re going through all of these messages that we’re sending out from webmaster tools anyway. To kind of update them to new layouts. So I am sure we will get to that message as well (disavow message he is referring to), specifically to make text changes there too.

The Google Analytics HiPPO Is Back



In the year 2013, the Google Analytics Hippo showed up in the Google UK/London office. Now its back! Daniel Waisberg from the Google Analytics team based in London updates by the return on Google Hippo. It is just standing there and havin an eye on the Googlers.

The picture was posted on Google+

This post is a part of our daily Search Photo of the Day. It is something where we can find fun and interesting photos related to search industry.

Google Page Speed Insights API Gets Upgraded


Google John Mueller said on Google+: the Google page speed insights API has received a bit of an update

This update can give you more information about speed and score; it also provides a clear format for text-responses. The Release Notes don’t really provide more contexts on whatever is new:

v2 of the Page Speed Insights API was released in January 2015. It adds support for rule groups, such as ‘SPEED’ or ‘USABILITY’.”

John did share the output, where you can see the score for both speed and usability:


Forum discussion at Google+.

Forum discussion at Google+.

Google Maps Virtual Office Spam Gets Uncovered


Linda Buquet in her Local Search Forum had uncovered a law firm abusing the Google Map business/ local data base by setting up virtual office through UPS boxes and Regus

Businesses have been using these virtual offices to get approved local listing in Google Maps and other local database for years. Something that is new is: these cases are being outed and caught more frequently these days.

So while doing  SEO  you should be careful that is might end hurting your main listing.

According to Linda; thi9s can be found easily by the Googlers or Algorithms by looking at patterns, such as “funny looking suit #s like” ste. C-8#149” on their contact us page.

Forum discussion at Local Search Forums & Google Maps Maker Help.